Gemstones & Settings - What Makes Oli&J unique?


    Our innovative enclosed setting protects each gemstone between two impact-resistant mineral glass sheets. This advanced design shields the delicate stone from a multitude of threats, including bumps, drops, knocks, scratches, as well as exposure to water, heat, and various chemicals, ensuring its pristine condition and lasting beauty.


Our gemstones are meticulously crafted from raw, rough stones, ensuring that each piece we produce is in solid crystal form. This commitment guarantees that the stones we utilize are completely solid, distinguishing them from composite counterparts such as doublets or triplets, and ensuring their authenticity and integrity.


    This innovative setting technique uniquely allows the entire beauty of the stone to be on display by making both faces visible to the observer. We take pride in being the sole artisans to have developed this distinctive method of stone setting. It offers unparalleled protection while maximizing visibility, all encapsulated within a design that exudes modern sophistication and elegance.


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