Each piece of jewellery tells a unique story, reflecting the rich diversity of Australia's landscapes. From the rugged coastlines to the vibrant cityscapes, every design captures the essence of this inspiring country.



    Meet the creative force behind the brand, Olivia, affectionately known as "Oli." As the Designer, she infuses her brilliant creativity into every facet of the brand. Born in France, her journey took a remarkable turn in 2010 when she embarked on an audacious adventure to the captivating land of Australia. It was in Australia that Olivia's talent blossomed. This period not only fueled her love for art history, a deep connection to nature, and a mastery of cutting-edge 3D technology, but it also ignited her passion for crafting unique, timeless objects.

  • JUAN AKA "J"

    He is an experienced lapidary and a true enthusiast when it comes to gemstones. Juan's quest led him to master the intricate art of gemstone cutting. His dedication to research and relentless pursuit of the latest tools and techniques have made him an invaluable asset. With Juan at the forefront, our brand embraces innovation and exquisite craftmanship. With an extraordinary selection of beautiful Australian gemstones, transforming them into unique, inspiring creations that capture the essence of this inspiring country.

In perfect harmony, Olivia and Juan unite as an exceptional duo, blending their distinctive backgrounds, talents, and fervent passions to forge extraordinary designs. Their synergy and shared vision conjure captivating creations that seamlessly weave beauty, craftsmanship, and innovation.


We develop two signature collections that reflect our passion for architecture, design & nature.


    With a love for natural gemstones, our latest collection features elegant and timeless pieces created with beautiful gemstones sourced from across Australia. Our precious gemstones are sourced from Australian miners. We have the opportunity to select each gemstone in a rough state and are able to cut it to make you discover the inner beauty and the simplicity of the rough stone.


    Our initial series – the Mechanical Collection, showcases our love for old objects, with particular attention on classic luxury watches. This beautiful collection launched us into the European market, where our pieces were showcased at the BIJORHCA International Jewellery Show (Paris, France) and are currently on display at the iconic Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK)


Design & Craftmanship

Our belief is that simplicity and elegance are the perfect complements to our original pieces. In a world where jewellery can often be flashy, we've found that by keeping things simple and refined, we can enhance the beauty and appeal of our creations.


Prepare to be captivated by our RENAISSANCE collection, a creation born in the heart of Paris. This collection represents the exquisite fusion of Swiss watchmaking precision and Australian gemstone beauty, meticulously crafted to harmoniously blend two worlds into a new realm of style.