Unlocking Opal Excellence: Understanding Grades and Selecting Your Perfect Gem

We are pleased to announce a new feature on our website, allowing you to select the quality of the opals for your jewelry. But what do these Opal grades mean?

Grading opals involves evaluating several factors to determine their quality and value.

Here are ten factors commonly considered when grading opals:

  • Body Tone

    This refers to the overall darkness or lightness of the opals background color. Opals can range from black to white, with various shades in between.

  • Brightness

    The brightness of an opal assesses how vivid and intense the play-of-color is. Brightness is a crucial factor in determining an opal's value.

  • Durability

    Opals vary in their durability and resistance to scratching and breaking. Opals with higher durability are generally more desirable, especially for jewelry purposes.

  • Pattern

    Opals can display various patterns, such as pinfire, harlequin, ribbon, and floral. The rarity and attractiveness of the pattern influence the opals grade.

  • Size

    The size of the opal, particularly its carat weight, can affect its value. Larger opals with high-quality play-of-color are generally more valuable.

  • Shape and Cut

    The shape and cut of an opal influences its appearance and how effectively it displays its play-of-color. Well-cut opals with symmetrical shapes are generally more desirable.

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  • Transparency

    Opals can range from opaque to transparent. While transparency itself does not necessarily indicate quality, it can affect the opals appearance and how light interacts with it.

  • Color

    Besides play-of-color, opals can also have a base color or body color. Some opals may have a single dominant color, while others may display a range of colors. The rarity and attractiveness of the colors influence grading.

  • Treatment

    Some opals undergo treatments to enhance their appearance or durability. The type and extent of treatment can affect the opal's grade and value.

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These factors are often considered collectively to assess the overall quality and value of an opal. Additionally, the rarity of certain combinations of these factors can significantly influence the opals desirability and price.

Discover the allure of Australian Opals, meticulously sourced from the renowned mines of Coober Pedy, South Australia. Our opals arrive in their raw form, shrouded in mystery, as we await the revelation of their stunning hues.

Crafted with precision, each opal reveals its unique palette, ranging in colors of mesmerizing intensity and depth. Embracing the individuality of these natural treasures, no two opals are alike. Hence, we offer you the opportunity to select from three distinct options tailored to both your preferences and budget :

  • A Grade : Australian Opal with some colours and inclusions 
  • AA Grade : Australian Opal with clear colours with less inclusions
  • AAA Grade : rare Australian Opal with lots of depth and intense colours : red, blue, green & yellow